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Printmaking has always thrived in the collective; it is a social medium and is as much about expression as it is about sharing.

The history of printmaking as a fine art practice in India is short, but filled with interesting movements and the contributions of numerous artists who have shaped modern and contemporary Indian art. In the last two decades, with the rise of the ‘Indian art Market’ the medium seemed to see a steady decline in recognition, and patronage. Some of the reasons why it has been relegated to the periphery of art historical discourse in the subcontinent are the lack of awareness and understanding of the medium; a demanding market that undervalues work on paper (particularly those in editions); constant confusion of printmaking techniques with those of commercial reproduction; and the lack of community studios with facilities to practice printmaking.

The recent slowing down of the economy perhaps did a good turn to the medium, as its inherent qualities of being accessible and affordable by a larger public came to the fore. Among a series of exhibitions and collective projects working towards highlighting the intrinsic expressiveness of printmaking, is Rajesh Pullarwar’s International Print Exchange Program, which brings together nineteen artists from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, purely bound by their passion for printmaking. The artists’ preoccupations are varied, and the compilation is marked by its diverse content and imagery. Personal histories, collective memories, the experience of urban, environmental and cultural change – themes that are common to artists the world over, and that are consequently familiar – appear in the various representations. This provides a rich confluence of contemporary thought articulated through different (and similar) aesthetic choices and devices.

This project is an attempt at creating a common space for dialogue, both verbal and visual, through the power of the multiple: a collective vision ‘of the printmakers, by the printmakers, for the printmakers’.

Lina Vincent


Rajesh Pullarwar, India
Rajesh Pullarwar, India
Artist, Curator


Lina Vincent, India
Lina Vincent, India
Art Historian, Curator


Ana Cvjic

Anant Nikam
Avinash Motghare
Medha Satpalkar
Bhushan Vagal
Prasad Nikumbh
Rajan Fulari
Rajesh Pullarwar
Tanujaa Rane-Hambardikar
Vishakha Apte

Aasma Hashmi

Zane Zlemeša
Ian McNicol

Raija Korppila
Juha Laakso

Lukas Victor Hugo

Montserrat Ansótegui

Paul Valadez

Silvia Sala


2018, 15 – 18 February; Five Years of IPEP India, Govt. College of Art and Design, Nagpur, MH, India.
Organised by Chandrashekhar Waghmare, Abhishek Chourasia, Pallavi Mool, Chandrashekhar Tandekar, Milind Atkale, Nandini Pantawane, Yogesh Aadkine.

2018, 16 – 18 January; Five Years of IPEP India, Art gallery, State Univ. Of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, HR, India.
Organised by Deepak Sinkar, Nandini Pantawane, Pallavi Mool.

2015, 11 – 16 August; Three Years of IPEP India, Bihar Lalit Kala Akademy, Patna, BR, India.
Organised by Sanjay Kumar, Rajesh Pullarwar.

2015, 02 – 27 February; Raahe Cultural Centre, Kirkkokatu, Raahe, Finland.
Organised by Juha Laakso, Raija Korppila.

2014, 25 November – 14 December; Calisto Cafe, Vailate CR, Italy.
Organised by Silvia Sala.

2013, 26 – 29 October; Palazzo Trivulzio, Melzo, Italy.
Organised by Silvia Sala.

2013, 26 – 27 October; Vrundavan MHADA, Dahisar East, Mumbai, MH, India.
Organised by Rajesh Pullarwar.