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IPEP India 2013 Untitled, 2014 Indigestible, 2015 FEAR.Horror.Terror – Combined Catalogue .pdf, 8.5MB

FEAR : Horror|Terror’ is a universal experience which haunts humanity in its multitudes as an effect of differences between individuals or communities. The world is filled with these notions as commune, country, race, caste or creed. The differences arising from socio-political agendas, difference of faiths, gender, economic interests. Thus, fears exist about war,
terrorism, uncertainty and the fears which are politically and culturally manipulated either through violence or dogmas. The artists would be responding to the idea through their individual perspectives to surface varied viewpoints.

Rajesh Pullarwar, India
Rajesh Pullarwar
Artist Printmaker,
Mireille Bourgeois, Canada
Mireille Bourgeois
Art Writer, Curator,
Nikhil Purohit, India
Nikhil Purohit
Art Writer, Artist, Poet,


Yula Cambronero-Bonilla

Drew Adam Doblinger

Hannah-Amelia King

Julia Wakefield

Karla Rivera
Roberto Rodriguez
Silvia Gaona Moreno
Violeta Juárez

Krystyna Maniecka Bogdan

Lanfranco Lanari
Aban Raza
Chandrashekhar Waghmare
Czetan Patil
Durgaprasad Bandi
Neeraj Singh Khandka
Pradnya Khandgonkar
Ryan Abreu
Snehal Chordia Goyal
Sonal Varshneya
Tejswini Sonawane

Luis Antonio Torres Villar

Marjan Pipelzadeh

Oleksandra Sysa


2015, 11 – 16 August; Three Years of IPEP India, Bihar Lalit Kala Akademy, Patna, BR, India.
Organised by Sanjay Kumar, Rajesh Pullarwar.

2015, 20 November – 18 December; Owens Community College, Ohio, USA.
Organised by Drew Doblinger.

2016, 05 – 28 February; Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, New Zealand.
Organised by Hannah-Amelia King.

2016, 12 – 14 February; Space Artist Studio, Baroda, GJ, India.
Organised by Pradnya Khandgonkar, Durgaprasad Bandi.

2016, 27 February; Hub Shopping Centre, Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, Australia.
Organised by Julia Wakefield.

2016, 01 – 15 March; What about Art?, Bandra West, Mumbai, MH, India.
Organised by Czetan Patil.

2016, 20 – 27 March; Circolo, L3M Ancona, Italy.
Organised by Lanfranco Lanari.

2016, 01 April; Totem Gallery Studio, Puebla, Mexico.
Organised by Silvia Gaona Moreno, Violeta Juárez, Karla Rivera.

2016, 17 June – 15 July; The Parks Community Theater & Education Centre, Adelaide, Australia.
Organised by Julia Wakefield.

2016, 09 August; Galería Francisco Amighetti, Escuela de Artes Plásticas, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica.
Organised by Yula Cambronero-Bonilla.

2017, 30 January – 03 February; Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, MH, India.
Organised by Tanujaa Rane-Hambardikar, Rajesh Pullarwar.

2017, 24 March – 30 April; Galeria Autorska, Myślenice,, Poland.
Organised by Krystyna Maniecka-Bogdan.

2018, 16 – 18 January; Five Years of IPEP India, Art gallery, State Univ. Of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, HR, India.
Organised by Deepak Sinkar, Nandini Pantawane, Pallavi Mool.

2018, 15 – 18 February; Five Years of IPEP India, Govt. College of Art and Design, Nagpur, MH, India.
Organised by Chandrashekhar Waghmare, Abhishek Chourasia, Pallavi Mool, Chandrashekhar Tandekar, Milind Atkale, Nandini Pantawane, Yogesh Aadkine.