2017 Homeland

IPEP India 2017 Homeland – Catalogue, .pdf, 2MB


2023, 20 October – 19 November; Da(r)shak – A Decade of Printmaking & Viewership,
Bihar Museum Biennale, Patna, BR, India.
Organised by IPEP India.

2018, 11 – 14 October; Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kalabhavan, Hyderabad, India.
Organised by Krishna Reddy Muchinthala.

2018, 01 – 31 August; Cultural council, Georgetown County, S. Carolina, USA.
Organised by Terry Strawser.

2018, 28 June – 15 July; Arad art museum, Arad, Romania.
Organised by Adrian Sandu.

2019, 21 – 22 July; Art Privilege, Thane West, MH, India.
Organised by Atita Taware.

2018, 22 – 28 June; Galeria LUKA, ul. Łukaszewicza 2, Poznań, Poland.
Organised by Justyna Dziabaszewska, Alicja Mielczarek.

2018, 5 – 11 June; Cyano Azores Studio, Canada das Almas, Portugal.
Organised by Paula Brasil.

2018, 31 May – 13 June; William H. Miller Gallery, Myrtle beach, S. Carolina, USA.
Organised by Terry Strawser.

2018, 29 April – 02 May; 1 Shanthi Road Gallery, Bengaluru, KR, India.
Organised by Dimple Shah, Anjali Goel, Venugopal V. G..

2018, 26 April – 07 May; Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK.
Organised by Asmaa Hashmi.

2018, 17 March; Taller Ensamble MX, Mexico.
Organised by Silvia Gaona.

2019, 14 – 17 March; Tourism Department Art Gallery, Vijayapura, KR, India.
Organised by Sameer Rao, Lingaraj Kachapur, Sucheta Ghadge.

2018, 05 March – 6 April; Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.
Organised by Stephanie Carpenter.

2018, 19 – 28 February; Firehouse Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
Organised by Kelsey Livingston.

2018, 15 – 18 February; Five Years of IPEP India, Govt. College of Art and Design, Nagpur, MH, India.
Organised by Chandrashekhar Waghmare, Abhishek Chourasia, Pallavi Mool, Chandrashekhar Tandekar, Milind Atkale, Nandini Pantawane, Yogesh Aadkine.

2018, 18 – 19 January; Dept. of Graphic Arts, M. S. University, Baroda, GJ, India.
Organised by Yogesh Ramkrishna, Durgadas Garai.

2018, 16 – 18 January; Five Years of IPEP India, Art gallery, State Univ. Of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, HR, India.
Organised by Deepak Sinkar, Nandini Pantawane, Pallavi Mool.

2017, 11 – 17 December; Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, MH, India.
Organised by Rajesh Pullarwar.

Homeland‘ an idea that evokes a feeling of belonging. We have chosen the theme for IPEP India 2017 as Homeland, aiming at an emotional appeal that crosses the ethnic borders and hierarchy of societies. The concept of space that we call as home, bonds with the root that has a collective identity. It shapes our culture strongly yet so subconsciously that we sense the pull of the bond only when distance is created. The emotional connect with the personal to global context will be the key to the endeavour.


Rajesh Pullarwar, India
Rajesh Pullarwar, India
Artist, Curator


Robin Lasser, California
Robin Lasser, USA
Artist, Educator


Mithu Joarder, India
Mithu Joarder, India
Artists, Writer


Abhishek Chourasia, India
Aditi Kulkarni, India
Adrian Sandu, Romania
Alejandra Leyes, Argentina
Anjali Goel, India
Ari Alpert, Turkey
Asmaa Hashmi, UK
Atita Taware, India
Deepak Sinkar, India
Devika Swarup, India
Dimple Shah, India
Durgadas Garai, India
Hannah-Amelia King, New Zealand
Indrajit Prasad, India
Julia Wakefield, Australia
Justyna Dziabaszewska, Poland
Kaoru Higashi, Japan
Kelsey Livingston, USA
Krishna Reddy, India

Milind Atkale, India
Motoko Chikamatsu, Japan
Nandini Pantawane, India
Pallavi Mool, India
Pandurang Deoghare, India
Paula Brasil, Portugal
Rajesh Ambalkar, India
Shirish Mitbawkar, India
Silvia Gaona, México
Stephanie Carpenter, USA
Sucheta Ghadge, India
Tanya Dobhal, India
Terry Strawser, USA
Varsha Baptiste, France
Venugopal V.G., India
Vishakha Apte, India
Yogesh Ramkrishna, India
Yuki Tsuboyama, Japan
Yuko Yotsuzuka, Japan