Frequently asked questions categoried into those by applicants, participants/ finalists and exhibitors of IPEP India portfolio.


Is there any entry fee?

I am not on any social media, can I apply?
YES! We understand your privacy concerns, but we expect you to keep us updated over emails. And if you qualify, share with us and allow us to share your photos, name, etc. on our online and offline media.

My English verry not good,
NO PROBLEM. Think and write in your own language. Typing and translation software can help us both to a certain extent. Use simpler and shorter sentences for better translations.

I am not an academically trained or professional printmaker, can I apply?
YES. If you can take a traditional hand-pulled print.

What do I have to do exactly?
Propose > and if selected, Print > Exchange > Exhibit > Own!

What do you mean by ‘Proposal Sketch and Write-up’?
WELL… Unlike most others, IPEP India is a curated print exchange programme. It accepts original ideas based on the given theme only. The ‘Proposal Sketch and Write-up’ is the starting point of a conversation between the artist and curator. It is a preparatory-sketch covering basic composition and color and few words that capture your initial impression of the theme.

Can my ‘Proposed Sketch’ and final print be different?
MAYBE. But not drastically. Changes may be accomodated, even recommended by the curator. The ‘Proposal Write-up’ evolves too. Best to discuss this with the curator.

Can I apply with my old/ existing prints?
NO! Because IPEP India works from scratch to develop ideas around a theme given by the curator each year. Unless you have the following question….

Can I apply with my old work that coincidentally reflects the theme?
YES, BUT… If selected your print editions must confirm to IPEP India’s format and quantities.

Can I apply with photographic/ digital techniques?
NO! Because IPEP India currently accepts works created with traditional hand-pulled printmaking techniques only.

46 editions is a lot!
NOPE…. Especially when you get a portfolio in return with 40 prints from around the world in a ‘ready to exhibit’ portfolio. And a connection to the world’s best artists.

I am not sure about the exhibition bit!
OK. Read the EXHIBITORS FAQ below. If you are still unsure, maybe this is not for you.


Can I print editions in a different size or lesser quantities than required by the portfolio?
NO! Absolutely not.

Can I make more editions than required?
YES. 46 prints go to IPEP India. Extra ones for your personal record can be printed as A/P.

Shipping/ posting/ courier is sooo costly!
YUP! Plan well in advance and go for the slowest/ cheapest but reliable option, usually government run postal departments. If you have another participant from your country, clubbing your parcels as one item may save some charges.

My first attempt at shipping failed!
OOPS! Let us know as soon as possible. Please resend.

I am not sure if I can send my editions in time!!
UH OH! Let us know as soon as possible. Please try your best. This leads to further delays in shipping portfolios back to participants.

I am not sure if I can send my editions at all!!!
HOLY SHEET! Under unavoidable circumstances, let us know as soon as possible. Please try your best. As a rule IPEP India will not entertain future applications from you unless you convince us about the gravity of your situation.

I have not exhibited yet!
YOU PROMISED! Exhibit and you qualify to reapply and be trusted by the community. Or convince us about the gravity of your situation.


I can’t afford galleries or get sponsors!
WAIT! IPEP India has had exhibitions in all sorts of places; artists’ own modest homes and studios to the biggest, poshest galleries. Institutions, schools, museums, community halls, public spaces, corporate houses, art material industry, etc. are all potential partners. The point is to maximise printmaking’s reach. Just show us a crowd of 40+ people lost in our prints.

Is there a minimum number of days one has to exhibit?
NO. But then if you are planning for a one or two day display, make sure it gets maximum eyeballs and is worth everyone’s efforts.

Do I have to print something for the exhibition?
SOME, NOT ALL. The portfolio is a ready to exhibit kit, including prints along with an introduction, labels, director-curator-writers’ notes. Additionally, IPEP India customises digital files for online and offline use for each exhibition in consultation with you and your sponsors/ venue partners. You may print these physical posters/ banners/ standees, etc. unique to your exhibition.

Publicity template for social media and A3 print
Publicity template for Facebook group cover

Can I hold an exhibition after the given deadline?
YES. But tomorrow never comes! It makes much more sense to have it within the time it is in news. One could make an exception under difficult circumstances or for fabulous opportunities. In some cases participants have also clubbed more than two portfolios from different years in one exhibition.

Can I sell my portfolio? Do I owe someone a share?
YES and NO. You are absolutely free to sell the portfolio as a whole or the prints separately. You are the absolute/ sole/ exclusive owner of your portfolio. You do not owe anyone anything, neither IPEP India nor the creators of those prints.

Can I organise a workshop/ conference/ lecture/ demonstration/ seminar/ readings/ plays/ screenings with the exhibition?
YES! YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!…