International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) India is a non-profit individual initiative supported by volunteers from around the world. It is not a corporate/ private/ government entity. Selection and participation in this programme is voluntary and subject to approval from the programme director in consultation with the core team. These decisions will be final and binding.

IPEP India uses Google services and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) to manage its communications and digital files online. It owns and maintains the domain through its volunteers to facilitate its work. The website is built using WordPress and it’s plugins and hosted on Siteground servers using Let’s Encrypt for SSL security. IPEP India does not run any custom-made cookies or collect any non-personally-identifiable data beyond what’s necessary to run the programme with the aid of these technologies.

IPEP India receives personally-identifiable-information only when you provide it through phone/ emails/ social channels you use to communicate with the programme volunteers or while submitting/ uploading forms through its website. This information is used only for the smooth running of the programme; for announcements, applications, registrations, curation, critical writing, catalog content and design, collecting prints, returning collated portfolios, coordinating for exhibitions, communicating with and connecting its participants and collaborators.

All data may be retained as long as it is needed for the smooth functioning of the programme. Some of it may be retained perpetually as part of IPEP India’s archives and catalogs, both online and offline. Email subscribers can unsubscribe from the list anytime with a simple email request.

IPEP India does not share/ sell/ lease any of its data for profit. All its activities and services are provided on an as is basis. It cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of data or property beyond reasonable precautions and controls already in place.

IPEP India may have to share data and details of its activities if required by extant Indian law.

IPEP India has no control over and is not responsible for any cookies and privacy policies of the technologies used to run its website, social handles, apps and any external links they might lead to.

Any queries maybe sent to .